Food For The Train; inspirational artist/poets have chosen our Marbelous Lutece and Tess as their "Possibility Models" for the month of March March 03 2014

Maya Stein and Amy Tingle are inspiration artists with a mission.  They not only teach writing, artistry and poety but they are taking their show on the road this summer, taking their transformed 1965 covered wagon camper trailer, nicknamed "Maude" (Mobile Art Unit Designed for Everyone), to serve as their inspiration icon, roving art gallery, and activity hub.  We met these two ladies at the Rutgers Mark Conference and were blown away and they sat side by side in front of their vintage typewriters, typing away poetry based on one word.  Our girls picked the words, LOVE and DREAM.  What they wrote was magic!

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Check their Type Rider II: The Tandem Poetry Tour campaign to learn more about their incredible initiatives